Unlock Your Full Potential in Real Estate

Unlock Your Full Potential in

Real Estate

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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials for Realtor FireWireAds FireInspire CRM Marketing Automation

Yvonne Pruneda
(Nan Properties)

"Best automated system, helped me close a few deals that almost slipped thru the cracks"

Yvonne - In Depth Case Study

In this client scenario, we imported her contact phone/email list and started a client reactivation campaign. We gave consistent value that the her clients can use, and resulted in a 45% increase in referrals, which resulted in 3 closed sales in the first 60 days.

Reviews and Testimonials for Realtor FireWireAds FireInspire CRM Marketing Automation

Travis Miller
(Heights Realtor)

"I am a full time pilot, so the system really helped with staying in touch with clients. I absolutely love the all in one messaging center! 5=Stars"

Travis - In Depth Case Study

Travis, a fresh face in the real estate sector, approached us seeking to establish his brand. Our strategy kicked off by developing a dynamic social media presence for him, encompassing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. We crafted a series of custom-designed images and videos, each featuring his likeness, logo, and contact details, coupled with a compelling call to action. Our focus on delivering genuine value to his audience paid off quickly, yielding two pending sales within the first month, followed by two successful property sales and two rental deals.

Reviews and Testimonials for Realtor FireWireAds FireInspire CRM Marketing Automation

Andrew Davila

"Closed a $800,000 Heights deal in 60 Days so .. yeah the system works"

Andrew - In Depth Case Study

Andrew Davila, an established real estate professional, faced a challenge common in the real estate industry: effectively following up with leads. To address this, we introduced an innovative solution - automated follow-ups. This strategic system was designed to engage potential clients consistently and efficiently, ensuring no opportunity was missed. The impact of this solution was profound. It culminated in a remarkable success story with the sale of a stunning $800,000 home in Houston Heights. This achievement not only demonstrated the power of effective lead management but also highlighted how automation can revolutionize client engagement and drive significant sales results in the real estate sector.

Reviews and Testimonials for Realtor FireWireAds FireInspire CRM Marketing Automation

Raquel Molina
(Keller Williams)

"Closed 3 More Deals that were a surprise to me... love it.. helps so much"

Raquel - In Depth Case Study

Raquel Molina, a dynamic realtor, sought a comprehensive solution for her lead generation and cultivation needs. To elevate her business, we implemented a full-service approach, encompassing both lead generation and cultivation, tailored specifically to her unique market demands. Our team took charge of her entire marketing campaign, leveraging the power of social media to maximize reach and engagement. Through targeted strategies on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we not only attracted a wide range of potential clients but also nurtured these leads with personalized, consistent communication. This holistic approach not only streamlined Raquel's client interactions but also significantly boosted her market presence, resulting in a notable increase in successful transactions and solidifying her status as a key player in her real estate market.